Know How One Can Record a WhatsApp Call on Android

Record a WhatsApp Call on Android

Let’s face it, WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.  It has over 800 million monthly active users and is used by over one-third of all mobile phone owners.  If you are using WhatsApp on your Android device to chat with friends or family members, then this tutorial will show you how to record a call on WhatsApp for Android devices.  This way, if anything important happens during the call that needs to be remembered later, you can go back and listen to it at any time. You can pick any of the following apps to get started. Let’s go through them below:

Record a WhatsApp Call on Android

Call Recorder

Call Recorder is the perfect tool for catching cheats and liars, with a simple tap of your finger. It doesn’t matter where you are or what phone they’re on. This app will record every single call. You can share recordings by sending them via Bluetooth or Message for example.

Call Recorder – Cube ACR

Do you have a pesky boss that won’t stop calling you at work? Ever had your significant other call and start an argument in the middle of your day? How about when they just keep texting, emailing, or messaging on social media without any regard for what is going on around them. Well with Cube ACR’s Call Recorder app you can finally get some peace and quiet! This application will automatically record all incoming phone calls so that you can review them later if needed. Not only does it do this but it also gives users the ability to block numbers from their contact list as well as send out pre-recorded messages for those who are too busy to answer their phones.

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Voice Recorder Pro

What is Voice Recorder Pro? Voice Recorder Pro is an app that allows you to record audio, then share it with others. The app has a sleek design, and the interface is simple to use. It’s great for making notes when you’re in class or lectures at work! You can also listen back to your recordings, which are saved on the device in mp3 format so they can be played anywhere. This free app provides plenty of features in addition to voice recording- take pictures during recordings if desired, edit them before sharing, add titles and tags for easy sorting later on. If you need an audio recorder but don’t want all the frills found in other apps- this one might be perfect for you!

Automatic Call Recorder

The Automatic Call Recorder app is a safe and easy way to record phone calls. This free app can be downloaded for both iOS and Android devices. It allows you to record the audio of incoming or outgoing calls on your device. All recordings are stored in your phone’s SD card, so they’re available even if you’ve lost access to the internet; this means that not only will you never miss an important call or conversation again, but also that these files are accessible from anywhere. You’ll never have to worry about missing out on something important because all of your conversations will be recorded automatically! Downloading this app takes seconds- once it’s installed, every call will automatically be recorded without any problem.