Top Best Free Photo Editing Apps for Android Users

Photo Editing Apps for Android Users

Your phone’s built-in camera isn’t delivering on your expectations, right? No worries, you are not alone. We all want to take great photos, but sometimes our phones just don’t live up to what we need them to do. To help you out, we’ve rounded up some of the best free photo editing apps for android so that you can get creative and enjoy taking pictures again. Let’s have a look at some of the best photo editing apps: 

Photo Editing Apps for Android Users

Pixlr Express

Pixlr Express is a photo editor designed for people with little or no experience in post-production editing. You can do a lot of simple edits to your photos and add effects that you might not be able to on other apps. It’s also free!  Best of all, it’s available on the App Store and Google Play store. Pixlr Express is a simple and intuitive photo editor that has all the basics covered. It’s designed to be quick and easy to use, so you can get back to what matters – capturing those perfect memories with your friends and family.

Fotor Photo Studio

Fotor Photo Studio is a free app that allows you to edit your photos and create collages. The features in Fotor Photo Studio are available for all types of users, from the novice who wants to quickly crop their photo, to the intermediate user who would like more advanced editing options such as removing red-eye or smoothing skin. In addition, Fotor Photo Studio has many templates for creating fun projects such as calendars or greeting cards. You can also add text with different fonts and colors so it’s easy to put together any project. In conclusion, this app is perfect for anyone looking for an easy way to make their pictures look better.

Photo Editor by Aviary

The Photo Editor by Aviary has been created to be an easy-to-use and powerful photo editing app. It is a free tool that can not only edit photos but also create collages, add filters and frames, and even crop images. All of this comes in one package for your convenience. Another great thing about the Photo Editor by Aviary is that it’s available on both Android and iOS platforms, so you won’t have to worry about which device you’re using because there’ll always be access to an editor no matter what device you’re on. With Photo Editor by Aviary, you can turn your pictures into masterpieces with just a few clicks of your mouse. 

You’ll find all of the tools you need – from cropping and rotating, to red-eye correction and creating collages – as well as some really fun filters like sketch or black & white. You can also add text or stickers for extra creativity. There are hundreds of options; it will take hours before you’ve seen everything. You can download the Photo Editor by Aviary from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.