The Best Android Themes and Customization Apps

best Android Themes and Customization Apps

Android customization apps are useful in many ways, whether you’re updating your current phone’s look or just looking for a change. An Android customization app allows people to make their phone stand out from the rest of the crowd by adding special features or changing how it looks entirely. 

Many free themes are available, be it for specific occasions like Christmas and Halloween or general purpose. Android mobile apps may also alter the wallpaper on your phone, whether it’s a single color or a photograph of your choosing. Android customization is quite easy with these apps and it’s fun to see how you can turn an old phone into something new and exciting. Let’s find out what apps you can consider to customize your phone:

best Android Themes and Customization Apps

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Pixel Launcher: Pixel Edition is a launcher that improves on the Android launcher by adding more color, personalization, and unique features to make your home screen stand out. It offers a wide range of customization options and features that rival many premium launchers on the market. If you’re looking for more customizability, Action Launcher: Pixel Edition has everything you need. It comes with some simple theming tools, making it simple to get started.


Tapet is an app that generates a unique wallpaper out of nearly 100 different designs. You may also modify the colors of any of the created wallpapers if desired.

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It’s not necessary to know everything about it before you start using this software, all you have to do is download Tapet onto your phone or tablet, open it up and let the app generate a random wallpaper for you to use as your background. If you don’t like that particular wallpaper then just tap on it, then tap on ‘New’ or swipe from right to left to get a different wallpaper.


Walli is a decent wallpaper program. It features a variety of unrelated pictures and works from a variety of unknown artists. This is similar to Etsy, but for wallpapers. You can discover an incredible amount of one-of-a-kind items here that you won’t find anywhere else. Walli also does the appropriate thing by compensating its artists for their work. It finishes off the experience with a user-friendly interface and a good playlist function to assist you in finding new wallpapers.


KWGT is a third-party app that creates custom widgets. It has a lot of extras to allow you to customize the widgets you want.You can add your own images, adjust their opacity, change colors, and more! These widgets work with almost any launcher out there; Nova Launcher is recommended but not required.

KLWP is android app that serves as a live wallpaper creator. It’s equipped with a WYSIWYG editor that enables you to build anything you desire. It has a ton of presets so you can get started right away, but if those aren’t enough, the options are almost limitless. You can also choose from a vast number of wallpapers to use for your KLWP theme.