Best Excel Apps and Spreadsheet Apps for Android

Best Excel Apps and Spreadsheet Apps for Android

There are many different things that people can do on an Excel spreadsheet, but sometimes it’s just easier to use the app. With so many different apps for Android devices available, it can be hard to know which is right for you. This blog post will review some of the best apps for Windows users who want a similar experience on their mobile devices. These five top picks offer both free and paid versions with varying features, so there should be something perfect for every user. 

Best Excel Apps and Spreadsheet Apps for Android


AndrOpen Office is a free and open-source office suite. It includes all the standard features of Microsoft Office-type programs, including an email client, web browser, and spreadsheet applications. AndrOpen Office also has advanced features such as support for PDF files and integration with many other types of file formats. AndrOpen Office is designed to be easy to use by anyone who knows how to type on a computer keyboard. There are no commands or menus that you need to learn in order to get started using it – just start typing! If you’re looking for an alternative free office suite that’s compatible with your Windows PC then AndrOpen Office might be what you’re after. Give it a try today.

Docs To Go

Docs To Go is a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to edit, view, and create Microsoft Word documents on your phone or tablet. The application has features for formatting text, inserting pictures or charts into the document, finding synonyms for words in the dictionary with just one tap of your finger, and much more. The free version of Docs To Go comes with two gigabytes (GB) worth of cloud storage; if you need more space than that then it’s time to upgrade! You can purchase additional storage at $1/month per GB. This means that upgrading will cost as little as $5/year if you only need 25 GB of storage space. Docs To Go is compatible with all mobile devices being used nowadays.

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Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a tool that allows users to create and edit spreadsheets online. It can be used for basic and advanced calculations, and it’s compatible with other Google apps like Gmail and Docs. Learn about how you can use Google Sheets by visiting its official website.

Microsoft Excel

It’s probably one of the most popular apps you can go with. Since Microsoft is an experienced and established company, everything offered by Microsoft is considered of the best quality. Tons of businesses all over the world are already using it. You won’t have any trouble finding online resources on how to use or make the most of Microsoft Excel. What’s good about it is that it is available free for mobile users to do simple tasks. If you are someone interested in using its best features, you would need to go for its paid version. However, the subscription isn’t that much costly. It will cost you around $10 a month, which is quite reasonable.