What are the best launchers for Android?

best launchers for Android

Every Android user has their favorite launcher and for good reason. There’s a perfect one out there for you and your needs! The best launchers make it easy to manage the apps on your home screen, change fonts, apply themes, and more. But how do you know what is right? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite launchers with all the features that every Android user should be looking for in a new launcher app. Now you can find your perfect match!

best launchers for Android

Fast Launcher

Fast Launcher is an app that speeds up your phone by launching apps quicker than usual. It’s designed to be simple and quick, so you can get on with the rest of your day. The team at Fast Launcher created this app because they wanted people to have a smoother experience when using their phones or tablets. If you’re looking for more ways to make your phone faster, try out Fast Launcher today!

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is a home screen replacement app that lets you customize your experience with personalized gestures, infinite scrolling, and easy access to all of your apps. It’s one of the most popular launchers for Android devices because it offers features like custom icons, transitions, folders and backgrounds. 

Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher is a new Android launcher that was unveiled by Microsoft at Build 2018. It has some features not found in other launchers such as the ability to pin your favorite contacts and apps to the home screen, and it’s very customizable with many different themes included so you can change up your phone’s look whenever you want!  Microsoft Launcher is a cross-platform app that offers an alternative to the default home screen. It includes features like gesture control, which allows you to swipe up from the bottom of your phone’s display, and “Peek,” which lets you see all your recent apps by swiping right on your lock screen. It can help Android users take better advantage of their devices’ capabilities.

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The Poco Launcher 2.0

The Poco Launcher 2.0 is a free, fast and lightweight launcher for your phone. It will make you feel like you’re using a new device with its beautifully designed interface and features such as the Edge Gestures which let you quickly access the recent apps screen, home screen or open up an app to see more details about it. It also has amazing built-in gestures that allow you to swipe down on any homescreen to go back one level, swipe up from the bottom of the display to reveal notification panels and much more!

Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair launched a new version of the launcher that is now available for download. The newest release features a bug fix, improved stability and performance, and solves some issues with Android P compatibility. It also includes improvements to theme handling, notification badges on app icons, adaptive icon support for Oreo devices, as well as other UI tweaks and bug fixes. 

The Lawnchair Launcher offers an alternative home screen experience that lets users customize their phone in ways they couldn’t before. In addition to the familiar grid layout which can be customized up to 16×16 apps per page or infinite scrolling through one’s entire library of apps, it has additional features such as a built-in file explorer or app drawer with optional quick access to recent files.

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Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is one of the most popular launchers for Android phones. It has a ton of features, but it’s easy to use. Nova Launcher is available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded by everyone with an Android phone. 

Nova Launcher is a highly customizable launcher that can make your phone feel like home. It has everything from icon themes to wallpaper and gestures built-in. You can use it as a replacement for the stock launcher on your Android device, which will give you more control over how your phone works and looks. Nova Launcher also includes Google Search, allowing you to find the information you need without having to open an app or even unlock your screen!